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Luxury apartments in the Historic Center of Queretaro.

Modernity and comfort
We have colonial spaces that have been restored without removing the essence of their time period. We offer comfort to our guests enclosed in a refined design, which highlights a combination of antique and modern in a sophisticated atmosphere of intimacy and warmth.
Our buildings are located in the colonial neighborhood of Queretaro, surrounded by restaurants, quiet streets and alleys, theatres, temples, plazas, museums and diverse cultural activities.
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All apartments include services and amenities that will make your stay a unique experience of leisure and tranquility.
Services included
All our apartments include Wi-Fi, gas, electricity and cleaning service.
We strive to make sure your stay is comfortable in every aspect.
Modern facilities
We remain modern in an old environment.
Private spaces
Each apartment has its own equipped kitchen, private bathroom, bedroom and livingroom.
Rental flexibility
We offer various options for rent that range from a month to a year. You decide.
Urban art
Our spaces are decorated with an artistic touch that you can delight in.
This is Queretaro
The city of Queretaro is located in the center of Mexico. Its location was essential for its development. In the eighteenth century, it was listed as the third city of the colonial New Spain. Its history and culture have had great impact in Mexico. In 1810,Queretaro was a central location for the rise of the independence movement. Later, in the nineteenth century, the city played a decisive role in the triumph of the Republic and in 1917, Queretaro sealed the revolutionary movement by being the seat of the Constituent Assembly that outlined the institutional life of Mexico.

The city has a harmonious beauty awarded with the status of World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
It has a colonial layout preserved in its Historic Center, dozens of temples with diverse architectural styles that range from Baroque to Neoclassical, museums of viceregal and contemporary art, history museums, an authentic cuisine and numerous high quality restaurants that offer local and international food.

A few of the various places worthy of a visit include: the Holy Cross Temple and Convent, with its monumental arcade, was built in the seventeenth century next to the Chapel of Sangremal, where the defining battle for the conquest of Mexico took place;the Convent of San Agustin, which nowadays hosts the Museum of Art; and the Churches of Santa Rosa de Viterbo and Santa Clara, whose golden altarpieces areworld-renowned for its beauty.

For all these reasons and more, Queretaro is a splendid city to visit and enjoy.
You can do a secure reservation on our Airbnb profile.
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